Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum stay requirement?

Yes, Hedonism II requires a minimum stay of 5 nights. Some promotions may require longer stays in order to receive value-added benefits.

How many rooms are at Hedonism II?

There are 280 guest rooms and they are designated as either clothing optional or nude.

Is there an age restriction at the resort?

Yes, Hedonism II has a minimum age restriction of 18 for guests staying at the resort, a 21 year minimum is required to purchase a guest pass.

Do you allow single adults to stay at the resort?

While resort guests are predominately couples, Hedonism II exists for our guests to pursue pleasure whether as a couple or a single person. Single occupancy rates are available and depending on the time of year will be 120-150% of the per person nightly rate.

What exactly what does ‘Clothing-Optional’ mean?

If you choose to go topless or naked in the pool or at the beach on the clothing-optional side, you may certainly do so. That said, once you are on the nude side – whether beach or pool – you are required to be nude. Our guests are mature, sophisticated and non-judgmental; a “live and let live” philosophy is key to the enjoyment of a liberating vacation. There is never pressure for you, or any guest, to do anything you might find uncomfortable. Cover-ups, however, are required where food is served, in the lobby and certain other public areas. And although guests are expected to be fully dressed in the nightclub, this does not mean that they cannot wear revealing outfits. On the contrary, we are very open to SEXY.

Is food included?

Yes, all meals – snacks, beach grills, buffets and gourmet sit down meals – are included.

What drinks are included?

Hedonism II is an all-inclusive resort that included Red Stripe beer on tap and unlimited premium brand cocktails at no additional cost, 24-hours a day. House wines and champagne are also available. We also have a wine bar where premium wines may be purchased by the bottle.

Is tipping allowed at the resort?

Hedonism II has a NO tipping policy because we believe that this is essential to a carefree, all-inclusive resort experience. This is one of our core policies and we do our best to control this at the resort.

Three good reasons why we use a NO tipping policy:

1, A portion of the room rate you pay includes a gratuity for all our staff members who assure that your stay with us is wonderful every time.

2. We want to award our staff members equally, including both those who are in front of our guests and others who may work behind the scenes. All of our staff put in hard work and we want to ensure they are all rewarded equally.

3. Most of all, we have created a legendary experience where no guest should feel as though they are required to spend more money in order to receive good service. This way, all guests have the same opportunity to be served equally. We wish for all guests to be treated with the same high standard of service at Hedonism II.

How many pools are at Hedonism II?

There are two clothing optional pools, a clothing optional hot tub, two clothing optional plunge pools, one nude pool with a swim-up bar and a nude hot tub

Are you expected to be Nude at the Nude Beach and Pool / Hot tub?

Yes, you are expected to be nude at the Nude Beach and Pool / Hot tub; you are allowed 10 minutes grace period to disrobe and join the other sunbathers.

Are there Smoking and Non-Smoking areas in the hotel?

All rooms, restaurants, piano bar, wine bar, spa, gym, playroom and nightclub are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.